May 15 2022

”The Parable of the Sower” - Intern Pastor Jess Gulseth

The Parable of the Sower - Mark 4:1-9, 13-20

What is the church?  It's a basic question, but one that can be hard to define.  Jesus tells a story that scares how the people of God share God’s good news.

May 8 2022

”Raising of the Widow’s Son” — Sr Pastor Bob Bekkerus

Raising of the Widow’s Son - Luke 7:11-17

Jesus meets a Widow who is grieving the loss of a son.  The amount of grief that might cause feels overwhelming.  Jesus brings profound hope – hope that overwhelms understanding and reminds us that the world isn’t in our control.

May 1 2022

”The Faith of the Centurion” - Rev. Erika Uthe

"The Faith of the Centurion" - Luke 7:1-10

Join our guest preacher, Rev. Erika Uthe, Director of Evangelical Mission for the Southeastern Iowa Synod.

April 24 2022

”More Than We Can See” — Sr Pastor Bob Bekkerus

"More Than We Can See" - Mark 3:20-35

As modern believers, it's easy to think we can only trust what we can see, measure, or repeat.  We are reminded that a spiritual world exists far beyond the obvious, and in Jesus we can engage it with confidence that God is with us.

April 17 2022

”Discovering Easter” — Sr Pastor Bob Bekkerus

Join Sr Pastor Bob Bekkerus for this Easter message.  The lesson is Luke 24:1-12.

April 15 2022

”Good Friday” — Sr Pastor Bob Bekkerus

Join Sr Pastor Bob Bekkerus for this Good Friday message.

April 14 2022

”Maundy Thursday” — Sr Pastor Bob Bekkerus

Join us for Maundy Thursday's message.

April 10 2022

”The Sermon on the Mount: Location, Location, Location” — Sr Pastor Bob Bekkerus

Matthew 7:24-27 – Location, Location, Location 

Jesus offers a picture of two contrasting lifestyles: one based on self-sufficiency, the other with God at the center.  We are asked to consider – what does it mean that God is our foundation? 

What Jesus does in Mary’s life is stunning.  He invites her in.  He teaches and cares for her.  He brings her brother back to life.  When we have seen what Jesus does for us, we have the opportunity to give thanks through our actions back to God.

April 3 2022

”The Sermon on the Mount: Many Paths To One God?” — Sr Pastor Bob Bekkerus

Matthew 7:13-23 – Many Paths To One God? 

In Jesus world, the idea that there is just one God was offensive.  It meant there might be one way and one truth.  Yet Jesus teaches as though there are paths that will lead us away from God – both that we create and others offer us.  Jesus’ toughest claims to bear are those that say that He IS God – because it means we are stuck with what he says. 

March 27 2022

”The Sermon on the Mount: Don’t Worry, Be Happy” — Intern Pastor Jess Gulseth

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" - Matthew 6:25-34

Join Intern Pastor Jess in another installment of our Sermon on the Mount series.

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